Dividends: Greece

The Dividend Yield and Quality Leaderboard for Greece uses an advanced quantitative model to determine companies that have the best income generating opportunities across our database of global securities. We use a combination of current dividend yield, and dividend growth, to generate a score that ranks companies from 0 to 100, with 100 being the most desirable.

The primary ranking factors are dividend yield and dividend growth. Since dividends are paid out of incoming cash, we provide the Cash from Operations (CFOP) Payout Ratio, which is simply the portion of cash from operations used to pay the dividends ( dividends paid / cash from operations). Companies with a negative CFOP Payout Ratio or a CFOP Payout Ratio greater than one did not make enough cash from their operations in the trailing twelve months to pay the declared dividend, which could indicate that the company's ability to pay future dividends is at risk, so we filter these companies from this list.

Report Date Company Market Cap (MM) Payment Frequency Currency Dividend Growth 2 year (%) Dividend / Share (Annualized) Share Price Dividend Yield Dividend Score
2022-03-03 OTOEL / Autohellas SA 1 EUR
2022-03-01 TELL / Bank of Greece 1 EUR
2022-02-25 ELPE / Hellenic Petroleum SA 1 EUR
2022-02-24 HTO / Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA 1 EUR
2022-02-02 ATRUST / Alpha Trust Mutual Fund And Alternative Investment Fund Management S.A 1 EUR
2022-01-28 MYTIL / Mytilineos SA 1 EUR
2022-01-12 ANDRO / Alpha Trust - Andromeda Investment Trust S.A. 2 EUR
2021-12-23 ATTICA / Attica Holdings S.A. 1 EUR
2021-11-26 QUEST / Quest Holdings S.A. 2 EUR
2021-11-24 AEGN / Aegean Airlines SA 0 EUR
2021-11-23 OPAP / OPAP SA 2 EUR
2021-11-23 MOH / Motor Oil Hellas Corinth Refineries SA 2 EUR
2021-11-15 PLAT / Thrace Plastics Holding and Co 2 EUR
2021-10-29 NAKAS / Philippos Nakas S.A. 1 EUR
2021-10-21 BELA / JUMBO SA 1 EUR
2021-10-07 IKTIN / Iktinos Hellas S.A. - Registered Shares 2 EUR
2021-09-30 SPACE / Space Hellas S.A. 1 EUR
2021-09-30 VOSYS / Vogiatzoglou Systems S.A 0 EUR
2021-09-28 CNLCAP / CNL Capital E.K.E.S. - AIFM 0 EUR
2021-09-24 GR:MERKO 1 EUR