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Discover top picks of leading funds by analyzing their holdings

With Fintel, it's easy to unearth high-conviction trading ideas by combining the portfolios of leading funds to reveal their most popular stocks. Just select your funds and Fintel does all the work. Or, use a prebuilt combined portfolio that matches your investing style.

Find out which funds are shorting your favorite stock

Many ETFs and Mutual Funds are now required to disclose short positions in their holdings. Fintel exposes these funds so you can see who is shorting your favorite stock.

Profit by following Activist hedge funds

Academic studies show that companies targeted by activist funds outperform the market. Fintel makes it easy to find these funds and follow them into high-conviction trades. This is especially helpful when investing in hard-to-understand industries such as biotech, pharma, and microcaps.

Put/call ratios

Find the “smart money” sentiment for a security by using put/call ratios, which eliminates noise from passive funds.