Fintel short interest tracker
Uncover Short-Squeeze Trading Opportunities Ahead of The Crowd and Score Massive Profits...with our daily ranking of companies showing the greatest short squeeze opportunities delivered directly to your screen

Percent of Float Shorted

This is the most reliable and accurate predictor of short-squeeze opportunities. We provide a daily ranking of the companies with the highest values which represent the best short squeeze opportunities.

We crunch the numbers... you place the trades. It’s that simple.

Short Volume Ratio

This is the total number of short shares sold divided by the total shares traded in a given day.
The SVR can give you invaluable insight into how a company’s stock price is likely to move. If a stock’s volume short ratio is trending higher, that may be a sign that it’s time to sell... as investor sentiment is beginning to turn negative.

Short Shares Availability and Short Borrow Fee Rates

We provide intraday updates of short shares availability and fees - for active traders, intraday updates are essential.

Institutional Put/Call Ratios

Did you know traditional short interest is only part of the picture? Many hedge funds short companies by buying put options, which do not show up in traditional short interest metrics. Fintel provides institutional put/call ratios so you can see which companies have a high put interest.

Short Squeeze Leaderboard

We provide a comprehensive and detailed ranking of all our metrics so you can easily find the companies ranking highest on your favorite short metric.