Quick Start Guide

The Fintel Workbench is our latest stock screener (v 3.0) that will replace the current 'Advanced Stock Screener'. It allows you create filters that produce lists of companies that match your query expressions. These query expressions can use a variety of financial metrics. Expressions are simply boolean expressions terminated with a semicolon, and if the expression results in a true, then the company is included. If false, it is excluded. Expressions can be stacked as AND operations, whereby all expressions must be true in order for the company to pass the filter.

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All available terms are listed at ScreenerTerms
  • Price > 1;
  • MarketCap > 100m;
  • Cash - Liabilities > MarketCap;
Countries can be selected using the Country term. Only one country can be selected at a time (currently). We plan to support all major markets but currently only: US, CA, GB, AU, HK
  • Country = US;
Boolean Operations
Conditions can be combined using the boolean operators: and, or, ||, &&
  • Price > 1 and Price < 10;
  • MarketCap > 100m and MarketCap < 1b;
  • (Price > 1 and Price < 10) or (Price > 20);
Numbers can be suffixed with "K", "M", "B" meaning thousands, millions and billions respectively
Traditional coding comments are allowed
  • // this is a line comment
  • /* this is a block comment */
Normal parentheses can be used to override natural precedence of operations.
  • (2 + 3) * 2 = 10;
Ordering Results
Results can be ordered on terms. Only one order statement is allowed.
  • order by symbol;
  • order by pe desc;
Limiting Results
Results can be limited to a certain number of results. This can be combined with the order statement to filter the top x results based on a result.
  • limit 50;
Relative timestamps can be appended to terms to access historical data. Timestamps must be enclosed in curly brackets {} and can indicates days {5d} , weeks {2w}, months {6m} or years {1y}.
  • Price > Price{1y};
  • RevenueGrowth > RevenueGrowth{1y};
We support a variety of basic math functions:
  • abs, acos, asin, atan, cbrt, ceil, cos, cosh, exp, floor, log, log10, log2, sin, sinh, sqrt, tan, tanh, pow,
Technical Analysis
We support a variety of technical analysis functions:
  • sma, ema, rsi, macd, aroondown, aroonup, awesomeoscillator, cmoi, coppockcurve, doubleema, hma, parabolicsar, mma, lwma, kama, ppo, roc, rwihigh, rwilow, stochasticoscillatord, stochasticoscillatork, stochasticrsi, tripleema, ulcerindex, williamsr, wma, zlema, accelerationdeceleration, aroonoscillator, atr, ccii, chandelierexitlong, chandelierexitshort, dpoi, fisher, ravi, massindex,
Usage examples:
  • Price > ema({20d}); rsi() > 80;
Functions must have parenthesis! ema() not ema.
/* * Sample query with basic examples */ country = US; exchange != OTC; // mid cap MarketCap > 100M and MarketCap < 3b; // above the trend line and above a dollar Price>1; price > ema({20d}); // a simple valuation metric ( Assets-Liabilities ) * 2.0 > MarketCap;
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